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Cyclic Load Energy Saver (Del-Star Converter)

Save Energy Up to 25% - 30%


Reduced Power Bills
Short Payback Periods
Lesser Heating of Motors
Improved Power Factor
Reduction in Maximum Demand

Payback Period Less Than 2 years
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Presses Injection Moulding Machines Compressors
Shearing Machine Cutting Machines Ring Frames
Simplex Machine Centrifuges Crushers
Agitator & Converyors Cooling Tower Fans Blowers & Water Pumps
M.G. Welding Set Centerless Grinding Machines Lathe Machine, Etc.

Cooling Tower Energy Saver

Save Energy Up to 50% - 60%

"Infolliance-Excellent" make Cooling Tower Fan Energy Saver controls the Fan Motor of a cooling Tower , there by saving Electrical Energy and Water. An accurate PT100 temperature sensor senses the temperature of the water in the tank below the cooling tower and switch off the Fan Motor as per the user programmed Temperature. The Bright LED display shows the actual temperature of the tank water and the status of the Fan 'ON or OFF'. The payback period of the Energy Saver is less than 1 year depending upon the Fan Motor rating and the set water tank temperature.


Saves power up to 50 to 60%.
Bright 3 1/2 digit LED Display.
Temperature setting (0º - 199.9º C).
Accurate RTD,PT100 sensor for Temperature settings.
Very short payback period.
Suitable for any capacity of cooling fan Motor.
Electrical Bypass provided.
Wall Mounting: Model CT101.

Payback Period Less Than 1 years

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AC Energy Saver

Save Energy Up to 15% - 20%

"Infolliance-Excellent" Make Micro controlled A C Energy Saver saves power on Air Condition Units. The unit switches off the power to the A C Equipment after a preset Time . The 'ON; time is automatically determined by the unit on the basis of the 'OFF' time adjusted by the user.

The power saving can be around a minimum of 15-20% of the power consumption.

Digital annunciations of the status like ON, OFF, Staring Delay, Adjusted OFF Time, ON Mode and OFF Mode Time are the special unique feature of our Make.


Power Input : 230V AC, 50Hz
Starting Delay : 2-3 Min.
On Time : Automatic
Off Time : Adjustable by the user
Announciation : Digital seven segment display.

Payback Period Less Than 12 - 18 months

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