Infollinace Introduce New & Innovative power metering to monitor and control energy cost.

iM-1000 - User Programmable Power Meter with Basic, Power and Energy Monitoring with RS 485 port (Modbus RTU Communication), 1Row, 6Digits, Instantaneous 4 Digits,
Integrated 6 Digits. 10mm height.
Size: 96mm x 48mm - Smallest Power Meter



iM-5000 - User Programmable Power Meter with Basic, Power, Energy, Demand (W,VA, Amp), Harmonics, Digital Inputs, Analog Inputs, Relay Outputs with RS 485 port (Modbus RTU Communication), 8Row, LCD & LDE 8Digits, Integrated 7 Digits, 8mm height.
Size: 96mm x 96mm



iELR - Intelligent Earth Leakage Relay is a innovative product from Elmeasure for the control application. Conventional ELRs work on preset trip settings that work through potentiometers/DIP switches and hence problems arise in accuracy, reliability, and range. Elmeasure's iELR is unique and enables the user to set the leakage current and trip time through front panel keys using password. iELR is buit on high speed micro-controller with 4 digits 7 segment RED bright digital disply and a host of many unique features.



iPFC - A powerful micro processor based power factor conroller with built in intelligence. Unlike conventional power factor controllers that sence voltage from one phase and current from another phase, Elmeasure's iPFC is three phase sensing thus providing accurate measurement . The built in on board memory provides for intelligent Power Factor Controlling based on the capacitor bank switching history (ON/OFF Switches and total ON Houres), there by increasing the life of each capacitor. Additionally it also functions as a full fledged multifunction meter that display VLL, VLN, Amps (Average & phase wise) , Frequency,W, PF, VAR(Total & Phase wise). This also comes with optional RS 485 communication port for integration with SCADA/Energy Management software system.



PDU- A multi channel load manager that provides 3 channel 3 phase elecrical information and is available in two different constructions (96x96mm panel meter or 90x90mm Din Rail). A technological wonder that provides the customer with 3 times faster data communication to the SCADA/Energy Management Software, saves critical panel space, reduces cabling and best of all reduces the cost of the panel substantially. Multiple PDU's can be cascaded to measure multiple channels with a maximum of 15 channels in a series with common display unit making up the Power distribution System (PDS). The system also allows the user yo have multiple meters placed in the panel with a single display unit placed at a remote location. Display of power factor, current & total harmonic distortion of current, Programmable sensitivity & Complies with IEC 61000-6-2 standard.

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