Thermal and Electrical Energy Audit

Energy misused cannot be excused

Thermal and Electrical Energy Audit

Energy audit is a technique used to establish pattern of energy use, identify how and where loses are occurring and suggest appropriate economically viable engineering solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the system studied.

Instrumented and diagnostic energy audits (with aims ranging from identifying ways of conserving energy to evolution of a new blue print for the energy system) provide insight into the modes of better utilization of fossil resources and high-grade energy and exploration of renewable energy options.

The general methodology of instrumented & diagnostic energy audit consists of the following :

  • Preliminary data analysis
  • Measurement at site
  • Data analysis
  • Recommendations based on economic viability-short term, medium term & long-term measures.
  • Report submission, discussion of recommendation with the client & finalizing the report with the client.

INFOLLIANCE has been carrying out Energy Audit & Energy Conservation studies since 2005, and we have completed Energy Audit in:

  • 22 Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial buildings
  • 15 palm oil refineries & mills
  • 12 oil and gas industries
  • 10 Food and processing industries
  • 7 Semiconductor Industries
  • 6 Automotive & Engineering companies
  • 5 rubber and gloves industries
  • 4 Water treatement & Seawage Plant
  • 3 Pulp and Paper

Energy Audit services probe all the energy streams in the system, quantifies energy usage, and identifies losses. After an elaborate analysis, a precise energy utilization plan is outlined and implemented to ensure maximum energy conservation, cost optimization, and pollution control.